Holomatrix is a leading South African supplier of high-tech security components and solutions

Since 2003, Holomatrix has been recognised as a major role-player in the fight against counterfeiting, fraud and crime through developing unique, value-added security solutions for our clients. We protect the brands, assets and revenues of our valued customers by manufacturing and supplying cutting edge security components and solutions to a variety of OEM, Corporate and government clients alike.

As a company, Holomatrix has extensive experience of supplying our VERIDOT® solution to dozens of OEM’s, in plant, port and storage yard fitment environments. Not only do we manufacture a top class microdot system, we are also very proud that we do so under ISO 9001 : 2015 certification and we are LEVEL 2 BBBEE. To date we have fitted our VERIDOT® solution to close to 2 million vehicles.


VERIGUARD® Accredited Sanitizers and Foggers. Our effective sanitizing range of Hand Sanitizers and Foggers offers Alcohol and Alcohol Free solutions.

iBangele Wristbands are a multipurpose, innovative product that have revolutionised the event management industry while also providing a practical and attractive solution to function access and identification.

Holographic labels are one of the most widely used tools for establishing brand identification and customer interaction. Today they have become hi-tech brand ambassadors and brand protectors besides providing comprehensive information.

Holomatrix has pioneered a state of the art asset track and management system known as RADAR®

LINEGUARD® is a copper cable anti-theft solution. It comprises of a PVC/nylon monofilament linear solution which contains 3 primary identification mechanisms

VERIDOT® is a unique asset identification, protection and recovery system that is approved by the Department of Transport for use on motor vehicles in SA.




                 Overall, Holomatrix provides high-grade and professional services   
      in all aspects and on all levels.”

   Idube Vehicle Recoveries

    The whole service provision from Holomatrix stands above many of your   
            competitors in your industry sector, and I commend you sincerely for
            that corporate culture. It has been a boon for us to pursue and then
           build a relationship with your team, and it has been a “breath of
                       fresh air” and great pleasure in dealing with them.        

     MicroDOT Pty Ltd

      We can comfortably and in good conscience recommend Holomatrix as   
      a solution driven company with good business ethics and an exceptional
product led by a great team.

BLG Logistics of South Africa

               Their team have always been willing to go the extra mile in ensuring   
customer satisfaction and it no surprise why Mahindra continues to
work with Holomatrix as our microdot supplier of choice.

Mahindra South Africa