LINEGUARD is a new patented copper cable anti-theft solution. It comprises a PVC/nylon monofilament linear solution which contains four primary identification mechanisms:

  • A uniquely originated achromatic white nickel microdot
  • A UV/IR taggant
  • Uniquely printed variable data
  • An optional DNA taggant

Each solution contains unique microdots encapsulated in 3 000 to 10 000 linear metre lengths. The unique microdot codes can be varied every 250 to 1 000 metres depending on customer requirements. LINEGUARD is supplied in reels and can be easily applied directly into the cable manufacturing process. Once applied it is virtually impossible to remove and is resistant to high temperature extremes.

It provides law enforcement agencies with a real-time means of verifying authentic ownership of any section of copper conductors and the optional DNA element provides additional forensic verification of authentic ownership if necessary.