We protect the brands, assets and revenues of our valued customers by manufacturing and supplying cutting edge security components and solutions to a variety of OEM’s, International Clients, Corporate and government clients alike.

Holomatrix provides innovative security holographic films and component solutions to the telecommunications, energy, mining and financial service industries along with various OEM environments and the security and commercial print markets.

Our unique products are used both locally and in developing economies where, primarily because of high levels of fraud and corruption, there is an ever-increasing demand for our products and solutions.

With document security so vital in these times, we have had the opportunity to provide secure security solutions across a broad spectrum of business sectors including cheque supply to banks, holographic solutions to an array of local and African companies, and holographic components to the prepaid phonecard industry.

We pride ourselves on being original and flexible and are able to tailor-make solutions to fit just about any project or budget.

Our VERIDOT® product uses advanced microdot technology to easily identify, protect and if necessary facilitate the recovery of assets. Recently, we have developed a new technology to combat copper cable theft which will make a massive difference to this global problem and which we are marketing as LINEGUARD.

We are one of the local suppliers of both PVC and Tyvek wristbands which are used extensively throughout the country as an alternative to ticketing in an effort to prevent fraud and counterfeiting.