VERIDOT® is a unique asset identification, protection and recovery system. A SANS 534-1 approved product, VERIDOT® utilises microdot technology together with an advanced online database so that the microdots can be accurately and quickly identified.

VERIDOT® plays a significant role in deterring crime syndicates and even petty thieves from stealing your valuable assets, thereby making your life safer.

The application of this technology is fairly new in SA having being legislated in 2012. Every new vehicle in South Africa is obliged to be microdotted according to SANS 534-1. The reason is simple – cars fitted with microdot technology are less likely to be stolen because the syndicates realise that it is now an impossible task to remove thousands of microscopic identifiers off the vehicle.


Veridot Asset Kits and School Kits are available in order to protect valuable household assets. Fitments can be done at our local fitment centre or by our national network of certified fitment centres.

Veridot Asset marking kits can be used for any type of asset from high value to low value assets. 

Our technology not only acts as a major deterrent to criminals, but it will also significantly improve the chances of identifying your valuable assets as each microdot contains a unique PIN that instantly identifies the owner of the asset and irrefutable proof. 

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