Holomatrix has pioneered a state-of-the-art asset track and management system known as RADAR®. Powered by cutting edge technology; RADAR® has been designed to provide a robust track and trace system that bridges the gap between other systems like RFID and GPS (Global Positioning Systems).

RADAR® provides you with 24/7 visibility of your assets, making it a vital asset management tool for any business where assets are at risk of theft and mismanagement. RADAR® provides endless benefits in both fundamental fields of “Cost Savings” and “Asset Security”.

Benefits of RADAR® vs GPS

GPS systems are required to be hardwired into a direct power source in order to provide a constant “ping” signal. There are available options whereby GPS can be run off a stand alone battery, however due to the amount of power needed to power the GPS unit, the reporting intervals are reduced drastically which will not provide real time information without having to constantly change the GPS units battery.

RADAR® does not require to be hardwired directly into a power source and can run off a battery that can report every 7-10 seconds with a life span of 2-3 years before requiring a battery change. The batteries for these units are also inexpensive.

GPS can’t be relied upon much when you encounter underwater and underground situations. Signals are also affected by large buildings.

RADAR® can be utilised within the underground mining sector whereby our RADAR® network can provide ongoing signals.

GPS installation is an expensive investment, and it comes with added expenses of data plans, server operations, advanced software.

RADAR® is an inexpensive investment, and does not require the high monthly costs to perform its function.

Industries Whereby RADAR® can be utilised