The Government of India has issued a draft amendment to their current CENTRAL MOTOR VEHICLE RULES, which will ultimately facilitate the mandatory Micro-dotting of all vehicles in India.

This bold move by the Indian Government is further evidence of the perceived value of Microdot Technology in the fight against vehicle crime.

Since 2018, Holomatrix’s CEO Kevin Peterson has accepted invitations by our Partner ELS, in India, to attend several meetings with various Key Industry Stakeholders, to review the current Indian Microdot Standard. These trips have also included addressing questions or concerns of OEM and Law Enforcement agencies alike.

Holomatrix is looking forward to seeing that The Indian Microdot Standard conforms as closely as possible to the SA version, as this has proven to be both necessary and very successful, in creating a sustainable platform to govern the Microdot Industry in India.

Holomatrix is also a founder member of the Indian Microdot Association. It is also well positioned with Strategic Partnerships like ELS, to be a Leading Supplier of Microdot Technology in India.

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