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Holographic labels are one of the most widely used tools for establishing brand identification and customer interaction. Today they have become hi-tech brand ambassadors and brand protectors besides providing comprehensive information.

iBangele Wristbands are a multipurpose, innovative product that have revolutionised the event management industry while also providing a practical and attractive solution to function access and identification.

LINEGUARD® is a copper cable anti-theft solution. It comprises of a PVC/nylon monofilament linear solution which contains 3 primary identification mechanisms

Holomatrix has pioneered a state of the art asset track and management system known as RADAR®

VERIDOT® is a unique asset identification, protection and recovery system that is approved by the Department of Transport for use on motor vehicles in SA.

VERIGUARD® Accredited Sanitizers and Foggers. Our effective sanitizing range of Hand Sanitizers and Foggers offers Alcohol and Alcohol Free solutions.