Holomatrix Secure Identification Technology has Proudly partnered with BLG Logistics since 2011, to fit ALL new Ford Vehicles with VERIDOT® Microdots.

VERIDOT® has always been ahead of the game, as the application of Microdot Technology is fairly new in South Africa, having only been legislated in 2012. Every new vehicle in South Africa is obliged to be Microdotted now according to Sans 534-1.


VERIDOT® utilises Microdot Technology together with an advanced online database, so that the Microdots can be accurately and quickly identified.

Our Microdots play a significant role in deterring crime syndicates and even petty thieves from stealing valuable assets, because they are a unique Asset Identification, Protection and Recovery System. I

Cars fitted with Microdot Technology are less likely to be stolen, because the syndicates realise that it is now an impossible task to remove thousands of microscopic identifiers off the vehicle.

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